Monday, July 14, 2008

On my bookshelf

Love BOOKS! Being in South Africa it's a really expensive LOVE! You don't always get the info you are looking for on the net or Library books are totally outdated & there are rather a lot of people/artists/crafters etc that don't believe in sharing their tricks, ideas, how to's etc.! So! I have decided that I am going to share the books in my collection with all of you! This book, titled "decorative wirework" is a contemporary approach to a traditional craft & is so easy to follow! Below I have put the instructions on how to make a toilet-tissue holder! HAVE FUN!
You will need:

wire coat hanger
wire cutters
parallel (channel-type) pliers
piece of wood
screw & screwdriver
ruler or tape measure
permanent marker pen
general-purpose pliers
galvanized wire, 0.8mm or 1/31in thick

1. Open out the coat hanger hook and cut off the hook and the twisted wire with wire cutters. Straighten the wire using parallel (channel-type) pliers.
2. Drill a hole in a piece of wood and insert a screw. Wrap the wire around the screw halfway along its length. The screw will hold the wire firmly. Mould the wire into a heart shape.

3. Allow 6.5cm or 2½in between the eye and the bottom of the heart. Twist the wires together twice at the bottom of the heart. Bend out the remaining wires at right angles. Unscrew the wire heart and replace the screw in the piece of wood. Measure 6.5cm or 2½in from the bottom of the heart along each wire, then wrap each wire once around the screw at this point and bend up the end at a right angle.

4. Using a marker pen, mark each remaining length of wire at intervals of 7.5cm/3in, 3cm/¼in, 3cm/¼in, 2cm or 4/5in and 2cm or 4/5in. Bend the wire into right angles at the marked points using general-purpose pliers, so the ends that will hold the toilet tissue point inwards. To decorate, loosely wrap a length of o.8mm or 1/31in galvanized wire around the whole of the structure.

AND VIOLA - this beautiful toilet-tissue holder is yours!

PS The edition of this book is published by Southwater & consultant editor: Simona Hill

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