Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was happily sorting out my blog last night, editing posts etc when my PC started playing up! I was in the middle of writing a really fun post when I get a message to say that the post could not be saved! You kidding me! I had no Internet access! Switched the computer off, unplugged all, plugged it back in again, switched it on and still nothing! Damn! Eventually gave up and went to bed.
This morning still no Internet! Do you think I can remember all that I wrote in the Post? Nope! Telephoned the computer guy & what does he say well maybe you've been capped! What? Capped! OK so whats capped? You have no more memory to use via the net!

Our Internet usage is all under one umbrella! That's my husband, myself & 4 other people that work for him. So! Who has been surfing & downloading from the net overtime?
Our account runs for the month & with just one more day to go we've had to buy more net time, which I am happy about, so I get to blog!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I would absolutely drink or eat this if I could! It's an artistic irresistible photograph! The drink is chilled cranberry, apple and cinnamon tea with ginger and apple jelly! Yummy and you can go and have a look at more of these photographs and credits over HERE!

Yummilicious "Art"

I absolutely love these photographs! Woolworths TASTE magazine is one of my favourites and I have every single edition & there is a total of 40 to date! The recipes are amazing, the photo's of the food is really "yummilicious"

The above phrase on the left goes as follows" Warm days cometh with a gentle breeze, chilled jelly and cool iced teas. A painted face, a butterfly wing... drift in colour, illuminate spring."
The drink is Rooibos-Honeybush iced tea with gooseberry jelly!

This drink is iced rooibos tea with cardamom and spicy guava jelly!

This drink is iced green tea with sweet green-pepper jelly!

The photographs are by Gerda Genis and production and recipes by Maranda Engelbrecht who is the contributing food editor for Woolworths TASTE Magazine.


This is the Motse Camp in the Tswalu Kalahari game reserve and I would love to have been there for earth hour on Saturday. Guarantee no electricity here! I got this photograph from the latest edition of my favourite TASTE magazine! Anyoo!

For those of you who don't or didn't know this year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming. For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Got to spend an amazing evening with friends at Platanna. Around 8:20pm Vicky came outside with candles so that by 8:30pm we would be ready for "lights out"! The ambiance was amazing! We were having such a fab time that we forgot about not having lights on and this was around 11:00pm! But not all joined in the earth hour!

We had the Med Feast in the village this past weekend. Each restaurant had a Mediterranean country! We had Greece, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Morocco & France so most of the restaurants were full. Bar Bar switched their lights off except for the kitchen which is cool because they needed to see what they were cooking! Most of, if not all, the restaurants in the valley use gas to cook on so one small light on in the kitchen wouldn't have made a huge dent in earth hour! I telephoned one of the restaurants, which was lite up like a Christmas tree, around 8:40 to ask if they knew about it, which they did but made excuses about candle power not being strong enough, the restaurant was full & blah blah blah! Candle lite dinners are so romantic especially if you think you are in France but the place was so lite up you would have thought you were in Las Vegas!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SA Blog of the Year Awards

Oh WOW! Can't believe Love Art Blog is a finalist in Best Design Blog for 2009! A big major huge thank u! thank u! to all of you who nominated my blog!

& now I would give you an even BIGGER THANK YOU if you would be so kind as to VOTE so that this blog actually wins Best Design Blog! It's really easy - all you have to do is click on the BIG GOLD TAG to your left which takes you to SA Blog of the Year webpage, it will tell you that you have selected this blog and you can either page down to the bottom of the page to type in your email address or you can vote for other blogs as well then do the email and security code thingy and VOILA you done!

Thanx a mil luv u lots!
P.S. While you about it please visit Salmagundi and give them your vote too!(Best Original Writing on a South African Blog) It wouldn't surprise me if you bookmarked their blog! You will "LOVE" it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Am slowly getting the hang of blogging! Posting, settings, layout etc. The first day of this blog was March 2008, a year ago, 101 excuses later I started posting 31 Jan 2009. Crazy that I waited a whole year before I actually got this blog going! And now I am absolutely loving it! It's my online diary/journal! Stuff that I would fill books with (I still do) I am "blogging" except for anything political and religious. Politics because I don't know enough to voice my opinion (& also because I would definitely get my nickers in a knot) The professionals say it better! For example the National Post's Full Comment, and religion ... the mind boggles!

But one thing I do want to scribble about is the Dalai Lama. He is a man of peace. We should be honoured to have him attend a conference for peace in our country. Still trying to figure out what a sport i.e soccer has to do with the Dalai Lama? I can understand connecting the two especially considering that South Africa is going to have people from all over the world visiting for the 2010 Soccer World Cup and what better way to let the world know that they will be visiting a peace loving country!

You hear on a regular basis how badly Africa has suffered under European and British Colonialism, yet China is welcome to dictate. Has the South African government forgotten how this country fought for human rights?

Where is the heart of this world? What happened to the love and respect and interest in changing life for the better of mankind? All we need is LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Sound familiar! If only!

The English Muse has a post labeled "The Writing is on the Wall"! This is where I first saw the picture below and thought appropriate!

(Photo credit: Here.)

Bar Bar Black Sheep

For now, this is my favourite restaurant! Fabulous vibe and great music. It's such a peaceful space early (9.00am) on a Sunday morning. Had the "Its a wrap" without the CHILLI'S for breakfast on the weekend. I think I have got the most sensitive tongue ever, just the chilli flavour turns my entire mouth on fire! But the "Its a wrap" tastes amazing to me without them! And breakfast is not complete without a great "cuppa joe". Great in summer because I can have a cigarette with my morning cuppa. No smoking allowed inside the restaurant and it does get so cold here in winter! OK I know it doesn't snow here on a regular basis, maybe once in every 20 years, but I am used to South African weather and for me winter in the valley is cold!

Bar Bar Black Sheep Breakfast Menu

Bar Bar Black Sheep

Sexy in Vogue

This is the latest addition to my list of "Divine Inspiration" artists! Absolutely love Victoria Verbaan's artwork. I recently purchased her "Fairy" range of goodies at Woolworths for my beautiful angel Jade and was thinking of claiming the pencil case for myself but unfortunately I will have to buy my own because as far as Jade is concerned "it's mine"! This is also the only time I wish I lived in Durban because I would love to see her exhibition "Girl Lost" but anyhoo! maybe next time (should the bank balance improve) I can "fly" up to "Durbs"!

Sexy in Vogue "Sexy in Vogue" by Victoria Verbaan

Castle in the Sky"Castle in the Sky" by Victoria Verbaan

Fairy range @ Woolworths "Fairy" - Victoria Verbaan
(Collection for Woolworths)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up Close & Beautiful

Hey there! This is something new that I am busy with. Would love you to visit Love Art Studio & read all about it.
Have a fabulous evening!

New Idea

Up Close & Beautiful

It is 11:06pm & way past my bedtime! but I just can't seem to drag myself away from what Im busy with! This is my all time love & I never seem to have enough of painting the Arum/Calla Lily. The image in the top left hand corner is the original painting.

I have a few paintings at Steeg Gallery in Wellington and recently she got an enquiry from an Interior Decorator who likes my work but wants something a bit more abstract & in autumn colours i.e oranges & maroon/red. So it got me thinking what to do & then "light bulb" moment remembered what I could do with PhotoImpression!

I have this amazing tool on my computer which came with the HP printer we got about 3 years ago, its called PhotoImpression and "OMG" what fun I have had with it today! I have given a pile of my old work new life! First I gave it a stained glass effect, then enhanced the colour and then got the smudge tool and smudge to my hearts content! & Voila new art! The best part is going to be painting it onto canvas!

Don't think it's abstract enough! I rather fancy the bottom right & think I will paint it! Still playing with others will keep you posted!

Good night & sleep tight!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful Riebeek Valley

This morning I went for my "latest" new thing I have to do, a morning walk. My friend Lisa joined me and hopefully will be every morning! My new inspiration is to get fit, healthy and not forgetting, absolutely gorgeous! My son is getting married on the 9th May 2009! He is only 21! Of course it's his choice and life to live but I would have loved it if he travelled the world and just explore life before but anyhoo! All I ask is that he wait until I am at least 50 before making me a "GRANNY"! I am still a mommy to a 4 year old!

Went for coffee (and ciggy, working on the "healthy" part) at Oppie Square! Leanne & Sue joined (mommies club as Sue put it) Great to have "time-out"! Got chatting about our little village and what fun things will be happening in the next couple of months! The Barn dance this weekend, the Medfest and the best ever Olive Festival. You can "check" it out at the Riebeek Valley website and if you up to the hour drive from Cape Town, then join us.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food and Mood

How weird is this! The English Muse did a post on Macaroons, which I had no idea even existed! Thought they looked rather devilish, as Tina put it, and forgot about it! Out of sight out of mind! Any how get my latest edition of Taste and there, looking like beautiful art work is the above photographs and article on macaroons, even a recipe. The photographer is Robbert Koene who takes the most amazing photographs. You absolutely have to have a peek! Well if this isn't a sign to get tasting! Going to attempt the recipe! Will keep u posted!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Little Footprints
"Little feet"
Followed Bugaloo's footprints all over the beach! Didn't think I would have so much fun taking photos of little footprints!

Camping @ the Beach

Elands Bay
Went camping to Elands Bay for the weekend. We set up camp at the caravan park which is practically on the beach but only stayed for 1 night. The wind became to much and I was convinced our tent was going to blow away. The idea of home & the comfy couch was way more convincing! Bugaloo absolutely loves the beach! I took these photos of Daddy & Bugaloo having fun in the sand, collecting shells and making her mark (writing her name in the sand).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kim Black

I absolutely love Kim Black's work and also the proud owner of one of her Ballerina paintings! She is a South African artists which has recently settled in Nottingham in the UK. I created this collage (with her permission - Thanx Kim!) from her 2008 Life Inspired calendar. Each month has a different painting and at the bottom of each calendar month was the above sketches, which, to me, are art works in themselves. (Just click on Kim's name and "hopefully" that should take you to her website! Enjoy!)

"Barbie" goes GREEN

Organic Barbie Fashion
"Organic Fashion"
Oh boy was she so "chuffed" with herself after making this skirt for "Barbie". Its not the real Barbie, she has a collection of Barbie's and Ken's and as far as she's concerned they are all "Barbies". She made the skirt out of a "elephant ear" leaf, folded and glued it in place! Rather clever for a 4 year old I thought! Future fashion designer in the making! Even got the green top out Barbies clothing box to match and, of course, mom had to take a photo!


Lovebird Wallclock
I have this "thing/love" for anything heart/LOVE shaped. This clock is from TinTown Design -which I absolutely have to have (at some time when the bank balance allows). As they put it on their website "Whether seriously sophisticated or wildly whimsical, our focus is on stylish creations with a subtle African influence. These custom-designed and intricately detailed d├ęcor pieces are available in a variety of vibrant colours and sizes which can be altered according to individual specifications. We hope you take as much pleasure in our designs as we did when creating them."
Definitely, absolutely love your designs Tintown.

Giraffe Teddy

This is Bugaloo's favourite teddy! She goes everywhere with "Carmen"! My eldest daughter (who's 25) has a friend called Carmen and Bugaloo met Carmen when she was about a year old and was fascinated by her and her name and decided that this teddy's name would be Carmen! I think "Carmen" is too cute!


I am so "chuffed" to be a proud owner of the above 2 paintings done by South African artist Annette Dannhauser. Their home is in my kitchen and are really a great inspiration for starting the day off with a smiley face!

Stylish Oven Mittens

"Vinger Vatlappies"

Transladed "Finger grab cloths". I bought these at the 2008 Kamersvol Geskenke (translated, "Rooms full of Gifts"). Definitely one of my best buys & I think they are rather "funky" to display! They fit so snuggly on my hands & I definitely don't feel like an Orangutan as I would when using the huge oven gloves! They are available online at Kardoes.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Woo-men Bought this on Saturday at the Design Indaba. First thought that came to mind was "how adorable"! Thought my 4 year old, Bugaloo (Bug a loo thats my nickname for my darling angle), would love it but she's only interested in her Giraffe teddy "Carmen". Had coffee with friends on Monday showed them the Woo-men and the response was "oh how cute". I keep it with me now, its become my "feel-good-button".

Monday, March 02, 2009


Astrid Special Give-it-BagThis is another of my favourites that exhibited at the Design Indaba. The bags are made from re-used transport bags i.e. rice, sugar, coffee, tea, salt etc. Not just the bags, but also the labels, stickers and packaging are made here.
Every GIVE IT BAG is marked by an indiviual number which makes the bags unique and offers the customers an opportunity to report their good deeds by their individual bag numbers.

"The play of universal creativity"

Hearts handmade by Lila This is one of many beautiful items made by "Lila". The title to this post is from the words written on the ad I got at the Design Indaba. To complete the sentence... "Lila creative products are handcrafted by women of the land most beautiful, South Africa..." Absolutely!

Design Indaba Expo 2009

Design Indaba 2009 Visitors Guide "Design Indaba is committed to the vision that a better future can be designed, and firmly believes that creativity can expand South Africa's economy. Since its inception, the Design Indaba Expo has established itself as the premiere platform for South African designers to showcase creative goods and services to the global market, wowing local consumers as well as stimulating export further afield.


(The above quote and writing is from the 2nd page of the Design Indaba's Visitors Guide 2009)

Design Indaba Expo 2009

Design Indaba MagazineWOW!!! It was absolutely, totally and utterly awe inspiring! As an artist I am always looking at new ways to showcase my talents and after seeing what I did at the Design Indaba, I definitely walked away inspired and totally gob smacked at the amazing South African talent and just wished I could have spent more time there.

We had tickets to take our beautiful little 4 year old angel Jade to see Beauty & the Beast stage production at Artscape and that was just as amazing as the expo! Just wished I was sitting in front of her so that I could see the expressions on her face during the play! She sat quietly glued to the stage for 2½ hours!

It definitely was one of the best Saturday's I have experienced.


After the rain
Close up of rainbow

Even closer view of rainbow Oh my gosh! This was so absolutely breath taking! Its not very often that we get rain in February! Normally it's the hottest month of the year! Everything had this amazing orange glaze all over it! The photos where taken @ 7:20pm! Same time as the sunset photo. I think the photos 'pretty' much tell it all!

Beautiful Mountains

Mountain view at sunset & this is the view from our balcony or "stoep" (pronounced as soup with a "t") as we call here in SA. Taken @ 7:15pm! Sunset!