Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful Riebeek Valley

This morning I went for my "latest" new thing I have to do, a morning walk. My friend Lisa joined me and hopefully will be every morning! My new inspiration is to get fit, healthy and not forgetting, absolutely gorgeous! My son is getting married on the 9th May 2009! He is only 21! Of course it's his choice and life to live but I would have loved it if he travelled the world and just explore life before but anyhoo! All I ask is that he wait until I am at least 50 before making me a "GRANNY"! I am still a mommy to a 4 year old!

Went for coffee (and ciggy, working on the "healthy" part) at Oppie Square! Leanne & Sue joined (mommies club as Sue put it) Great to have "time-out"! Got chatting about our little village and what fun things will be happening in the next couple of months! The Barn dance this weekend, the Medfest and the best ever Olive Festival. You can "check" it out at the Riebeek Valley website and if you up to the hour drive from Cape Town, then join us.

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phillygirl said...

Hi Li. Thanks for posting that beautiful photo of the Riebeck Valley. I miss that place so much! My aunt lives out there (actually you probably know her even, I know how small Riebeck is! Haha!) and I haven't managed to visit in ages :( Take lots of photo's from the Olive Fest this year please! I love going when I can, even tho I can't stand olives - haha :)