Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Idea

Up Close & Beautiful

It is 11:06pm & way past my bedtime! but I just can't seem to drag myself away from what Im busy with! This is my all time love & I never seem to have enough of painting the Arum/Calla Lily. The image in the top left hand corner is the original painting.

I have a few paintings at Steeg Gallery in Wellington and recently she got an enquiry from an Interior Decorator who likes my work but wants something a bit more abstract & in autumn colours i.e oranges & maroon/red. So it got me thinking what to do & then "light bulb" moment remembered what I could do with PhotoImpression!

I have this amazing tool on my computer which came with the HP printer we got about 3 years ago, its called PhotoImpression and "OMG" what fun I have had with it today! I have given a pile of my old work new life! First I gave it a stained glass effect, then enhanced the colour and then got the smudge tool and smudge to my hearts content! & Voila new art! The best part is going to be painting it onto canvas!

Don't think it's abstract enough! I rather fancy the bottom right & think I will paint it! Still playing with others will keep you posted!

Good night & sleep tight!

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