Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Being You ...

Which I do ... but anyhoo! ... is the title of this image which is the cover of a magazine called Renaissance and of course the minute I saw it I was totally gobsmacked! I absolutely love the arum lily and am always trying to find new ways to paint it etc. I have these sketches where i use the female form with the lily but never had the confidence to paint it as i am not comfortable painting the human form in any way because for me it has to be perfect and i will spend forever trying to make it so! Silly but thats moi! The artist of this image is Christo Wolmarans but not 100% sure if it's his totally as the inscription on the inside of the magazine says "Concept by Christo Wolmarans"! Don't you just love it!

Have a super fabulous week!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today & everyday I'm loving ...

Weylandts! Got a catalogue of their Spring 2009 collection & just wished I had this delightful bank balance tucked away! But anyhoo! Can dream! The words below each pic is just such beautiful poetry (unfortunately I couldn't find who wrote the beautiful words)!

"All beauty has a common melody;

a collection of notes that dance from room to room in tints of light

before collapsing with laughter into the over-stuffed comfort of shaded spaces.

In every single piece of beauty there is the echo of another,

a connection across form and function that reminds us that if music had colour,

we would paint our lives with song.

You can visit Weylandts online here or Chris Weylandts "My journeys of discovery" below!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Display for Kids Art

I came across this via The Style Files (Thank you), which is available at IKEA! I think that this is an absolutely fabulous way to display kids art at home! I currently have Bugaloo's art attached with 2 bulldog clips, one on top of the other, hanging in the garage & I am so getting out the drill to put up this neat contraption! Unfortunately! NO IKEA in South Africa! @#$%^!!!! AND of course the current state of the SA Rand doesn't help matters much either! Will have to see if I can find something similar or maybe figure out a modification using cable etc!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mixed Plate & Golly Bard

The great thing about having the option to follow a blog is you get to see all the amazing & interesting new discoveries! Anything "heart" gets me going! Got to see these amazing artworks of Golly Bard via Liana from Mixed Plate's Friday Favorites. Thanx Liana & a "shout out" to Holly aka Golly for such beautiful artworks!