Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Being You ...

Which I do ... but anyhoo! ... is the title of this image which is the cover of a magazine called Renaissance and of course the minute I saw it I was totally gobsmacked! I absolutely love the arum lily and am always trying to find new ways to paint it etc. I have these sketches where i use the female form with the lily but never had the confidence to paint it as i am not comfortable painting the human form in any way because for me it has to be perfect and i will spend forever trying to make it so! Silly but thats moi! The artist of this image is Christo Wolmarans but not 100% sure if it's his totally as the inscription on the inside of the magazine says "Concept by Christo Wolmarans"! Don't you just love it!

Have a super fabulous week!


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