Monday, January 18, 2010

Where have I been?

No idea!  There & back to see how far it is?  Time has definitely run away from me!  At the moment I am busy getting my pottery studio off the ground & what a mess!  Was fortunate enough to get an entire studio at a really good price!  All I have to do is fit it into my space, get the clay, sort out the electricity & hopefully by the 2nd of February be ready for classes.

This is what the studio looked like as of Friday 15th January!  The plan is to divide the space into a shop/gallery area, painting area & ceramic area!  My mind boggles at the mo!  What to put where without it looking cluttered & loosing valuable natural light!

The only part of the studio that isn't messy is the shop/gallery area!

All neat & tidy!  Now I have to get the rest looking the same!

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