Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Family Affair

Ok so I am aware that xmas has long since come and gone but only managed to download pics from my camera yesterday!  Most of the decorations  come from years of collecting.  The only things bought this year where the beaded christmas trees!  Got them on the side of the road in Cape Town.  The guy's name is Philip and I will be asking him to make me xmas trees with clear beads.

Because we have summer xmas's here I prefer to have xmas eve dinner, its alot cooler and candles make it more cosier (way to hot to have a rouring fire) and I think the rich warm colours of gold, red and green seem out of place on a hot summers day! This year the plans where changed and we had xmas lunch so I went for white, silver and light blue. The placemats are homemade from wrapping paper cut to size and then laminated (thanks to the help of my son, daughter and daughter-in-law). My eldest daughter (26) laid the table and I think she did a fabulous job! I wish I had taken photos of all the helping hands in their bathing suits laying the xmas table and doing the decor work as alot of  family and friends where overseas freezing their "bottoms off"!

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