Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food and Mood

How weird is this! The English Muse did a post on Macaroons, which I had no idea even existed! Thought they looked rather devilish, as Tina put it, and forgot about it! Out of sight out of mind! Any how get my latest edition of Taste and there, looking like beautiful art work is the above photographs and article on macaroons, even a recipe. The photographer is Robbert Koene who takes the most amazing photographs. You absolutely have to have a peek! Well if this isn't a sign to get tasting! Going to attempt the recipe! Will keep u posted!

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Steph Bond said...

Hi Li,

I love them too! Here are a few more links for you to Macarons...

And thank you so much for stopping by Bondville, it's lovely to have you as a reader.

Best wishes,