Monday, March 30, 2009

Yummilicious "Art"

I absolutely love these photographs! Woolworths TASTE magazine is one of my favourites and I have every single edition & there is a total of 40 to date! The recipes are amazing, the photo's of the food is really "yummilicious"

The above phrase on the left goes as follows" Warm days cometh with a gentle breeze, chilled jelly and cool iced teas. A painted face, a butterfly wing... drift in colour, illuminate spring."
The drink is Rooibos-Honeybush iced tea with gooseberry jelly!

This drink is iced rooibos tea with cardamom and spicy guava jelly!

This drink is iced green tea with sweet green-pepper jelly!

The photographs are by Gerda Genis and production and recipes by Maranda Engelbrecht who is the contributing food editor for Woolworths TASTE Magazine.

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