Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was happily sorting out my blog last night, editing posts etc when my PC started playing up! I was in the middle of writing a really fun post when I get a message to say that the post could not be saved! You kidding me! I had no Internet access! Switched the computer off, unplugged all, plugged it back in again, switched it on and still nothing! Damn! Eventually gave up and went to bed.
This morning still no Internet! Do you think I can remember all that I wrote in the Post? Nope! Telephoned the computer guy & what does he say well maybe you've been capped! What? Capped! OK so whats capped? You have no more memory to use via the net!

Our Internet usage is all under one umbrella! That's my husband, myself & 4 other people that work for him. So! Who has been surfing & downloading from the net overtime?
Our account runs for the month & with just one more day to go we've had to buy more net time, which I am happy about, so I get to blog!

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