Friday, April 03, 2009


Where has the week gone? I can't believe it's Friday already! I haven't blogged since Tuesday! Terrible! Have all this stuff to put on! Will start with the opening of Sanctuary Interiors! and the mood is definitely "sanctuary" when you walk into the space, all I wanted to do was climb into the beautiful bed, curl up and rest! The snacks where absolutely delicious and the champers went down very well!
Wrought Iron Bed
Interior Detail
Beautiful Linen

With Love Gift

The above image is the gift that I put together for Eugene to wish him huge amounts of success with the opening of Sanctuary Interiors shop in Malmesbury. The image is an abstraction of a photograph that I took of Arum Lilies which I then laminated, the metal heart stand I purchased a while back (& do u think I can remember from where?) and a small terracotta pot (which I have loads of) filled with small white stones! The terracotta pots are great for baking small breads or even muffins in the oven.

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Callie Grayson said...

love that sweet little yellow chair!