Saturday, April 11, 2009

Belated Happy Weekend

Unbelievable, a whole week has passed since I last blogged! My sister in law and her future hubby to be arrived Thursday 2nd April. Saturday was spent with the "new" family. Tuesday was the bachelorette. Thursday we fetched my father in law Richard, his wife Dee and Ouma from the airport and drove to Franschhoek for the wedding which took place at La Petite Ferme on Friday.

Friday morning at 4.00am Bugaloo (Bug-a-loo. What I call my 4½ year old) woke up getting sick! Ate something that did not agree with her and she was to be the flower girl but wasn't giving up her role as flower girl to anyone! She walked the isle trying very hard to put a smile on her face! Angel!
We were supposed to join the family today at Moyo but Bugaloo is still not 100% so we came home! Best idea - Bugaloo is in her element, has her bedroom and toys and I get to blog! Well not as much as I would like to but just enough to give you this short little message!

HAVE A SUPER FABULOUS WEEKEND! Will be back on Tuesday with wedding photo's and links to all the beautiful places in the Western Cape!

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