Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Am slowly getting the hang of blogging! Posting, settings, layout etc. The first day of this blog was March 2008, a year ago, 101 excuses later I started posting 31 Jan 2009. Crazy that I waited a whole year before I actually got this blog going! And now I am absolutely loving it! It's my online diary/journal! Stuff that I would fill books with (I still do) I am "blogging" except for anything political and religious. Politics because I don't know enough to voice my opinion (& also because I would definitely get my nickers in a knot) The professionals say it better! For example the National Post's Full Comment, and religion ... the mind boggles!

But one thing I do want to scribble about is the Dalai Lama. He is a man of peace. We should be honoured to have him attend a conference for peace in our country. Still trying to figure out what a sport i.e soccer has to do with the Dalai Lama? I can understand connecting the two especially considering that South Africa is going to have people from all over the world visiting for the 2010 Soccer World Cup and what better way to let the world know that they will be visiting a peace loving country!

You hear on a regular basis how badly Africa has suffered under European and British Colonialism, yet China is welcome to dictate. Has the South African government forgotten how this country fought for human rights?

Where is the heart of this world? What happened to the love and respect and interest in changing life for the better of mankind? All we need is LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Sound familiar! If only!

The English Muse has a post labeled "The Writing is on the Wall"! This is where I first saw the picture below and thought appropriate!

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