Friday, May 29, 2009

Coffee & koeksisters

A photo from SA Magazine "Rooi Rose"

Yummy! Not the healthiest of breakfasts but definitely the yummiest! Not sure if there is a English name for a "koeksister". You would pronounce "koek" the same as the word "look" just replace the "l" with "k" & then add "sister" to the end! Got this definition from Wikipedia, there is a recipe too!

A koeksister or koesister comes from the Dutch word koekje, the diminutive of
koek meaning "cake". It is a South African syrup-coated doughnut in a twisted or braided shape (like a plait). It is prepared by deep-frying dough in oil, then dipping the fried dough into cold sugar syrup. Best eaten cold, koeksisters are very sticky and sweet and taste like honey.

There is a little shop down the road called "Aitsa" (a Afrikaans word that does not really mean anything in itself its more a word of exclamation of surpise & praise put together) which sells the most yummiest cakes, gifts, handmade goodies etc. & "little" packets of yummy koeksisters!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy to me, have one for me ya....hi Li, greetings from Kuala Lumpur, you're already in my blog roll, rgds,Hans

pam said...

oooh, sounds like aitsa is a dangerous place full of lots of calories! love the paper ephemera under that coffee cup.