Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something Beautiful

I started a folder in my documents titled "Blog stuff " and every time i see something i love, enjoy, that's beautiful, i put it into the "Blog stuff" folder with all intentions of blogging about it! Whats happening is my "Blog stuff" folder is getting bigger & bigger but the posting to my blog scarce! I sit down with all the enthusiasm of posting but then the connection is way too slow or i loose the post etc and end up switching off the computer with the thought of trying in the morning! Absolutely terrible! So here are a few goodies from the "Blog stuff" folder! This is what I wrote last night & yet again couldn't get the photos to download from the "Blog stuff" folder. So I will try again! Here goes!

Would love this open lounge space from Weylandts to watch the sunrise below!

Already have this beautiful sunrise from my balcony!

If only to have this beautiful open space & bed from Weylandts to watch the sunset!

This sunset was taken from my bedroom window! So now all i dream of is the bed & open space as above to go with the sunset & sunrise!

Used the zoom to take this photo from my balcony! Dont you think it looks like a painting? Stunning!


pam said...

hi li. thanks so much for becoming a follower of pixelimpress! and all the way from south africa. i'm lovin' (read: jealous of) your views... so pretty. i scrolled a little ways back thru your blog and adore the lily painting you did also. you're very talented. take care. pam

Anonymous said...

me too, i'm also jealous of the wonderful views, thanks for sharing Li.