Saturday, February 20, 2010

New space

Hey there,

Love Art is moving!!! I'm so excited ... have a new space to decorate!!! Have until Sunday 28th Feb to move everything! Got this coming week to get the new space ready!

This has got to be the quaintest little cottage in Riebeek kasteel.


Needs a bit of TLC but nothing major!  Fresh coat of paint & a good clean should do the trick!

This is an interior layout of the cottage and what the rooms look like - totally empty!  Blank canvas to start from!  The kiln is going in the shed out back and unfortunately for me it doesn't fit through the doorway but luckily have a brother who is a brilliant builder, carpenter etc guy so he will be removing the frame and replace it once the kiln is in!  No plan on moving it ever!


The idea is to keep it plain and simple.  Will leave the wooden floor in the painting studio but paint the gallery and shop floor white gloss!  The walls in the gallery painted a charcoal kinda colour & everywhere else white with  a feature wall in the shop painted with black board paint.  The ceramic studio is totally "iffy"!  

Do you have any ideas for me?  Would love to see your workspace! be continued


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