Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Journey of Taste

The Shiraz and Art Weekend was ok!  Don't think people are spending much money on art these days!  Anyhoo!  The most amazing, fantastical, fabulous etc etc etc event of the month was the birth of this little chap - Cole Andrew Gardner arrived 19 October 2010!

Next up was Miss Nooh's birthday, 21 October, 6 years old and a aunt!  Next year she's going to big school, Grade 1.  Loves the Nintendo!

Miss Nooh (pronounced like Pooh) loves Tinkerbell.  We have had Tinkerbell themed parties since her 3rd birthday.  Not easy trying to give the birthday cake a different angle 4th time in a row!  Don't think I did to badly!

On the 26th October 2010, Love Art, which is basically me, got to be on TV!!! The program was called Journey of Taste which translated for me was basically ones taste in art, food, accommodation etc!  Unfortunately I didn't receive any of the footage!  I have sent them an email request - So I suppose it's hurry up and wait!

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