Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Day

Have you ever said to yourself "one day I'm going to be in a magazine or be a famous artist or be a mom"  Well one of my "one day's" has arrived!  I'm absolutely mad about interior/living/home design idea magazines and Sarie WOON, which I've been collecting, is my "one day"!  I got to feature in a magazine and a truly fabulous South African one at that!  Check it out over here and if you can't get to the shop to buy a hard copy you can always go online and buy it from Zinio.

The magazine is in Afrikaans, which is part of my home language.  My dad is Afrikaans but I rarely speak it as most of my Afrikaans family & friends always chat to me in English including my dad!  So I love reading the magazine as I get to practice!

Anita and Lounette from Sarie suprised me completely by giving me a mention and thank you on page 5!  Thank you ladies and thank you so much for featuring my village!

My friend Lisa and I where browsing and get to where her home is featured and it was a WOW my home looks like homes to in a magazine!!! :)

What you think?

Lisa's & Dave's dining room

Their beautiful kitchen

The view of the lounge from the dining room!

The outside view.

When I visited the Sarie website and hit the translate button to read part of the article in English, it didn't translate well at all!  The editorial in the front of the magazine that features me (2nd paragraph of "Hoe ons"), when translated, reads as follows;  "One day we received a phone call from a reader that was looking for the first edition of Woon.  She also wanted to know when the next edition was due.  We were actually busy planning the next edition and she happily invited us to visit her village.  And with this we want to say Thank you, Li Nepgen (pg 70).  You definitely spoke the truth.  There is a wealth of beautiful homes, interesting, talented and friendly people in the Riebeek Valley.  And boy can you enjoy eating in that town!

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