Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting for coffee to cool down a bit!  My daughter on her way to catch mom up on the updated Pastel!  Having a technology overload including  Social Media workshop 2 weeks ago which was absolutely fabulous.  Getting the brain part functioning with technology & equipment then the equipment either leaves or gets temperamental! Something for my wish list - a new slab roller!  Was using a friends but alas it had to go back home to her!  It was well used. Going to be a challenge to make thes coffee /tea cups without it!  Have being doing it the old fashioned way which is soooooo time consuming!  Thats why we have all these gadgets - to make life simpler! And .... to top it all the kiln controller decides to play up @#$%!  I had a delivery of these coffee/tea cups for I ♥ MY LAUNDRY today but alas no kiln.  Waiting for the electrician!

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