Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sun is shining, weather is good

Makes you want to move your dancing feet... Up early now that Nooh (pronounced Pooh - she was bugaloo but it no longer seems appropriate for a 5 year old) is going to "big" school!  It's been great for me - get my butt into gear - walking her to school.  Going is easy - it's all down hill - coming home is the "bitch"!

Catching up in google reader while eating leftover bolognaise sauce on toast for breakfast then off to our local coffee shop "Clumzy Carrot" for my morning fix of "proper" coffee & not the bottled or tin stuff!

Thank you Decorolgy for the intro to Designers Block blog, can  totally understand why its one of your favouritesLove the paper vases

Have a super fabulous day!

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