Monday, February 08, 2010


Hey there!  Just get into to the groove of been a regular blogger & viola LIFE happens!  My dad (he is 73) was in hospital in a small town called Klerksdorp which is a 14 hour drive from our home!  He had a growth removed from his colon which wasn't that bad but he didnt sleep & with no sleep his body didnt heal! 10 days later still in ICU he was put on a ventilator & a sleep. induced coma!  We got told of the situation Friday morning (28th Jan) & after a few telephone calls to family etc was told that it would be a good idea for us to visit!  All 3 kids arrive at the hospital Sat morning for visiting hour - only two family members at a time are allowed in - my 2 brothers went in then my husband & I then stepmom & aunt etc!  Amazing how frail life actually is!  Anyhoo!  Dad is recovering, colon is working, he is still in ICU but off the ventilator and has started eating solids!  Yipee!

Didn't think one would get "jet lagged" from driving!  I had plans to start giving ceramic classes Tuesday 2nd, which I postponed.  Was not ready!  Had an eventful week!  I've been having hassles trying to organize the electricity at the space I rent but not much joy there!  Then a friend called to say she was moving & would I be interested in renting the place!  Of course - it's this quaint little cottage next door to one of my favourite places in our little village Cafe Felix, has ample parking, cute little garden, pay-as-you-go electricity, hot water & a roof that doesn't leak!

Now I have to hold thumb that I don't need to apply for business rights to operate from the cottage that's actually zoned residential!  The cost is way to much & that would mean not moving & having to put up with a roof that leaks, no hot water & an electricity bill from hell!  

Will keep smiling & holding thumb! How can you not have a smile on your face with something as cute as this ...

Keep smiling!


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